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London First Principals Chapter No. 2712 News Blog.

Principals for 2017/18:
1st: E.Comp. The Rev'd Timothy J N L'Estrange PGStB, 2nd: E.Comp. John P Gaffney SLGCR,
3rd: E.Comp. Keith S Johnson PGStB. Inducted on the 29th September 2017 by the outgoing Principals E.Comps. Kenneth F Beckett PGSoj, Peter R Lewin PGSoj, and John Burnapp SLGCR, respectively.

Principals for 2017/18

Principals for 2018/19:
1st: E.Comp. Richard T Greenhill PGSwdB, 2nd: E.Comp. The Rev'd Michael L Scotchmer PGStB, 3rd: E.Comp. Brian W. Coshall PAGDC. Inducted on 28th September 2018

Principals for 2018/19


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